Open Letter to Greg Hunt

Before the dust settled after the 2016 federal election Joe Boin, member of the Ballarat Climate Action group, sent this dispatch to the potential Minister for Environment. Calling Greg Hunt to take a stand for the environment and the future.

Greg Hunt MP                                                        Postal Address:
Member for Flinders                                               PO Box 274
Minister for the Environment                                     Hastings Vic 3915

Dear Mr Hunt,

Congratulations on your likely re-election.

I also believe that your party will be returned to a tenuous position in charge of this wonderful country.

Despite your performance so far, I believe you care about our environment and hope that you will now be able to take some real steps to further our interests.  You’ll notice that I used the adjective “our” twice – that’s because our interests are synonymous with those of the environment that supports us.

Please stop this misdirection of spending money on run-off control in North Queensland.  We both know that the real cause of the Reef’s problems is Global Warming.  We Australians make a significant contribution to it with our coal … and you are approving a huge increase in that contribution.  The effects of the run-off control and the “Direct Action” plan will be swamped by the extra emissions from that coal.  I know it seems like economic heresy, but our coal must stay in the ground.  I spoke to our local Liberal candidate about that and she, though well-meaning, didn’t get it.  Surely you are better informed than that.

It’s as if we’re living in a house that’s falling apart and spending all our efforts on good food, comfortable furniture, solid doors and the latest white goods and electronics – it won’t mean much when the roof falls in.

I ask that you take a truly responsible (and courageous) stand for our environment and therefore our future.

Please don’t respond to this with one of those general, “trust us” (with a paternal pat on the head) responses.  It’ll mean you (or your minders) haven’t read this.  I’d rather get no response.

I ask that you take the stand of an Environment Minister who looks after our environment, not one who makes excuses for the demise of its health. The latter is how I see your overall performance so far.


Joe Boin

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