Take action on climate change at home

Psychologist Carol Ride (Courier, 2nd March) wrote about the emotional struggle that many people face once they come to accept the overwhelming evidence that climate change is real and dangerous, and that human emissions are the main cause.

We feel so anxious about the consequences for our lives and families, that we avoid talking about climate change and don’t know what to do to relieve our emotional tensions.

While further denial is the usual defence, the Melbourne group ‘Psychologists for a Safe Climate’ advocate that the only remedy for emotional relief is some form of concrete action to combat climate change.

The many types of ‘climate action’ available for citizens include reducing CO2 emissions at work or in travelling, using and advocating for renewable energy, eating more local food, divestment from fossil fuels, and making our homes more energy efficient.

As most homes in Ballarat are extremely inefficient in terms of energy use, this offers major prospects for reducing emissions, as well saving owners hundreds of dollars in annual energy bills.

Well designed modern houses can even be net generators of electricity.

So in efforts to enable Ballarat residents to improve their home energy efficiency, Smart Living Ballarat is running a series of free workshops, with support from the City of Ballarat.

The second of these workshops is on Wednesday 15th March at 12.30 – 1.30 pm in the Ballarat Central Library.  This talk and workshop will be led by an experienced home energy assessor Sue Harling, and is entitled “DIY Home Energy Assessment”.

Information provided should be valuable to everyone wanting to reduce their gas and electricity bills and CO2 emissions, that is owners and renters of older homes as well as families seeking to renovate, or to buy new homes. For information see http://BREAZE.org.au.

John Petheram, Smart Living Ballarat

Letter to the Editor – http://www.thecourier.com.au/story/4523881/letters-to-the-editor/?cs=65

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